b. 1986, HK.

my smile is the abundant source of my creative energy

my smile is the abundant source of my creative energy



National Film Board of Canada
Inside Out Film Festival
Regent Park Film Festival
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Kyisha Williams s a Black, queer, high femme, sex positive, artist and public health professional. Her favourite mediums are filmmaking, acting and dance. Kyisha works with Black/ queer/trans/youth/ racialized/ criminalized/HIV+ communities. In her art she attempts to accurately portray the realities of these communities. Kyisha fuses her experience as a health promoter with her work as an artist, creating socially relevant content that discusses health and promotes healthy sexuality (including consent culture). She created her first film, Red Lips [cages for Black girls] in 2010, with the support of the Inside Out Film Festival’s Legacy Film Program. In 2015, she independently created an experimental project still[ness] Black, a durational performance art installation. In 2016, she completed the Black Women Film! Leadership Program. She has acted in over 15 short films and has been mentored by Brad Milne. Her new work, Queen of Hearts is set to be completed and premiere in Spring 2018.

CV available upon request.